Dosage and usage

NODUST®PM10 concentrate needs to be diluted in water before application. For dust suppression in e.g. conveying systems and grinding processes, the dosage is of NODUST®PM10 in water can vary depending on the composition and quality ofr the raw materials that are being treated. Also the equipment in the client’s process plays an important role in determining the best possible solution. The typical addition rate of the NODUST®PM10 solution varies from 1-5 liter per ton.

Bulk material of cargoes on e.g. open trains or ships should be coated completely with NODUST®PM10 before transit. The dosage of NODUST®PM10 in water is approximately 5 liter solution per cubic meter. The dosage and addition rate may vary depending on the raw material and weather conditions.

Voor meer informatie en advies kunt u te allen tijde contact met uw NODUST®PM10 leverancier opnemen.